The Wrapping Comes Off

What a start to the year! Omicron, outbreaks, floods! It’s taken me a bit of time to get to the keyboard to tell you about the exciting things we’re seeing!


Despite the rain, covid delays, building supply issues – the Redcliffe Community HUB is coming along! Just this week the ‘wrapping’ is coming down on the main construction revealing a building that is looking fantastic!

With a roof on, internal work is racing ahead, and it’s great to see so many tradies working away to get the job done. With more rain and supply issues we still haven’t nailed down an official opening date as we want to make sure all our tenants are operating before we celebrate – plus we’re waiting for a federal election date!

Speaking about tenants, we’re really glad to confirm our key anchor tenant, UnitingCare Communities. They support over 100 foster families in the area, offer specialist and general counselling and parenting support services.

We are also pleased to announce some of our other tenants; Marjac who offer HR & Business consulting & leadership coaching. Synergeer Care, Hope Counselling, Peta Taylor Counselling, P2P Counselling, Developing Lives, Financial counselling and of course our CAFE!

There are only two spaces left in the HUB and we are in negotiations with clients for these spaces. Of course we do have sessional spaces available for hourly and daily rates, from single offices to large meeting rooms. There’s no reason your organisation can’t be part of this amazing gift to our community.

Getting ourselves Ready

We were also really glad to be able to host training with Lifeline recently, supported by the ‘Connect 100’ initiative of UnitingCare. Over a dozen people did the ‘Counselling by Chance’ course to enable them to have confidence to speak with and support people from the community who would come onto our premises. The course material was fantastic, and it was exciting to hear people’s passion for engaging with others at their point of need.

I can’t leave you without wishing you all the best through the recent flooding, and express our concern for those who are  suffering at this time. We also add our prayers to the millions who are praying for peace in the Ukraine and for Russia to withdraw from this independent country.

I am inspired by the President of Ukraine, whose Political Party is named, ‘Servants of the People’. A name surely inspired by Jesus who said, “If you want to be the greatest in, learn to be a servant.” Matt 20:26

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