A Vision Realised

Things have been so busy here as the building comes to the concluding stages. So much is happening, I want to encourage you to follow our Community HUB  Facebook page where you will get regular photos of the build coming to completion, as well as information about the events we are planning for the opening. It is the place to find out about our HUB!

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You will see special invitations to our Opening Worship, Community Open Day and Celebration Party below. Please book for those you need to book for – and plan to come to those you don’t need to book! Don’t forget to invite others!

Our Community HUB is only weeks away from opening. We have been battling rain,
supply and Tradie shortages, but God is getting us there!

This could be the Last HUB News – maybe one more – but thank you for being part of the journey. When the HUB opens I expect we’ll do our comms through other means – so make sure you’re connected to our social media.

Below I want to share the reason behind our HUB, why we are doing what we’re doing through story…

Tom and Sarah married 6 years ago. Things were great early on and they never  imagined things would be different but the past two years have been hard. Their  daughter was born 6 months before covid, that was a joy, but covid has really messed with their lives.

Tom lost his job at the airport, the  uncertainty and lockdowns were difficult. It really dented his confidence. He eventually got work but for less pay, and shift work. He lost most of his work friends, and covid meant they only saw family online. There was now tension between them and they both felt disconnected.

Sarah was able to book into couples counselling at the new Redcliffe Community HUB. She was glad she found it, Tom wouldn’t have gone to Chermside or Caboolture but was happy to come local. When they walked in on Friday morning, Sarah noticed the playground next to the café. She’d got a babysitter this morning, but she filed this. She would be able to
come back for a coffee with friends and let her daughter play. This was a much better option than McDonalds.

They found the reception and the lady in there, Chantelle, was really nice. She made them feel welcome. They were early for their appointment – so Chantelle invited them to try the café. Anita, who ran the place was really welcoming and Tom was impressed that they had Neli coffee.

There were little groups happening in the café, people doing things together, talking,
writing – the place just emanated life. Sarah had grown up in church but had long discarded such things. With life as it was, now she thought some divine intervention would be good. She asked Anita if she could look in the church and Anita told her to go for it.

She went in and stood uncomfortably. She didn’t know how to pray any more. Then a lady called Marion found her and asked if she was OK. ‘Tears came straight away’ and she was suddenly telling this complete stranger about her life and marriage trouble. Marion listened so intently. Sarah couldn’t remember the last time someone had listen so deeply to her. Marion asked if she could pray for her and Tom. Suddenly she knew they weren’t alone.

She went back to the café and Tom was talking to another man. That wasn’t like Tom. Chris left, and Tom said he was one of the men from the church who was walking past and said ‘hello’. They got into a conversation and he found out about a men’s ministry. He might actually go. Sarah didn’t know what to think.

Then Catherine their counsellor came and took them inside. She was very gentle and they slowly opened up to her. Nothing remarkable happened, but after the conversation it felt like they had turned a corner. At the end, Cathy said she thought they would benefit from Sheila the financial counsellor. Well, they were really struggling financially – so they went and met Sheila who booked them up for next week, then Wendy suggested playgroup, and she took them to meet Sonia and Fran.

They were really friendly, and seeing another playground and chickens, it just made the place so inviting. Sonia told them about a parenting breakfast coming up in a couple of weeks. As they left Tom was smiling. Sarah couldn’t remember the last time she saw Tom smile. He was interested in the parenting breakfast and the men’s ministry. They were talking about things, looking forward to something.

The community HUB had been so welcoming, but it was the life that was emanating from the place. An experience she couldn’t quite put her finger on, and Tom wanted to go back. It was like they belonged. With all the uncertainty going on in the world, Sarah was even thinking that maybe God was bringing them home.

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